Corporate & Business Rates

Live Entertainment

Costumed cartoon character entertainment, face painters, and or party host/ hostess rates and packages!!!

(Please inquire about how we can sometimes help our nonprofit organizations save on their special event, especially the larger events!!! Also, please inquire about savings for packaging an inflatable with live entertainment services.)

$165.00- 1 Hr- Playtime Party Pkg (games, prizes, & music)
$195.00- 1 Hr- Meet, Greet, & Paint (including face painting)

$280.00- 2 Hr- Playtime Party Pkg (games, prizes, & music)

$330.00- 2 Hr- Meet, Greet, & Paint (including face painting)

$85.00/ hr for Additional Character

Face Painter Only, 1 1/2 hr = $170.00

Face Painter Only, 2 hr = $210.00

One of our professional, experienced, & friendly face painters will come out to your event, and face paint approximately 30 - 35 children per hour, with a mix of full faces, cheek designs, hand designs, and half face designs. 

1 1/2 Hr- Rocking Live Pkg = $190.00

2 Hr- Rocking Live Pkg = $230.00

(The kids are entertained by a host/hostess who will facilitate 30-40 mins. of game playing with the children, party music (children music and diverse pop music), CD player provided for musical games, prizes awarded for the winner of each game, and approximately 30 min. of face painting, approx. 18 children at the maximum.)

(discount given for booking us for 2 hours or more)

Please click on the link above for pictures of inflatables that we offer, and if you find something that you are interested in, please fill out a Booking Form for Corporate, Business, and Organizations to get a quote for your business needs.

(Management reserves the right to change or alter pricing and packages at our discretion, thank you in advance.
Also, please read the FAQ page on the website to answer some of the most important and popular questions, primarily pertaining to the inflatable or bounce house rental.)