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Moon Jumps

Bounce Houses


Obstacle Courses

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Including Our Large Inflatables!!!

Don't forget to add chairs, tables, pop up tents, large canopy tents, and or concession equipment to help make your event a complete and comfortable experience. Click on the picture for pricing. 

ANY Promotional Rates Only Apply To Private Events,

such as Backyard Parties and Small Park Style Events!!!

All events must be within 18 miles of our facility listed below or the following zip code:

13761 Saint Charles Rock Rd, Bridgeton, MO 63044


St. Louis, MO 63108 zip code

Smaller events are generally going to be much less wear and tear on the equipment,

and much less of a liability!!!

All events outside of our standard coverage area, that are between 19 & 25 miles away, require a delivery surcharge of $40 and vary from there depending on the exact distance!!!






Interactive Units

Leaps & Bounds/Big Baller (Added Fall of 2019)

Std. Rate $725.00, Birthday Party Style Event Promo Rate (Please call for discount pricing!!!)

MONDAY - THUR. Rental Promotion


This is an obstacle course unlike any other! Designed to challenge and entertain, this giant inflatable obstacle course features four huge red & blue or all red inflatable balls surrounded by a blue ball pit resembling a moat filled with water. Players start on one side and must jump or run across the big balls to make it to the platform on the opposite side without falling into the ‘moat.’ But even if everyone falls without making it across, they’ll still have a ball.

The ball pit is cushioned with our air bag technology and feels like falling into the water.

The sides of this red and blue obstacle course are cushioned and designed to make sure players who fall off the big balls fall safely into the ZeroShock Technology zones.

As much fun to watch as it is to play, the Leaps N Bounds obstacle course will make your

next event fun for everyone!

Dimensions: 39′ x 21′ x 12′

Wilbert the Whale

Std. Rate $345.00, Birthday Party/Private Event Promo Rate $295.00

MONDAY - THUR. Rental Promotion


Velcro Wall

Std. Rate $375.00, Birthday Party/Private Event Promo Rate $335.00

MONDAY - THUR. Rental Promotion


Interactive Challenge

Size: 17'L x 12'W x 15'H

Participants wearing a Velcro “sticky suit” jump up and down on the inflated bouncy base then fling themselves onto our Velcro wall, or either just simply run and jump as high as you can for loads of fun and laughter!!!

Gladiator Joust

Std. Rate $385.00, Birthday Party Style Event Promo Rate $350.00

MONDAY - THUR. Rental Promotion


Interactive Challenge

Size: 25'L x 20'W x 5'H

Get ready to battle it out. This unit is a great way to settle minor differences, while having a blast with friends or family. If you're looking for a great activity for children from approx. 5 - 12, or even grown ups, you've found the right inflatable. Each participant climbs on their pedestal their padded joust pole and wait for the signal. Each person tries to knock the other off his or her pedestal. Rounds can be long or short and fun, but once the finishing blow hits the target, the defeated gladiator falls onto the inflated bed of air while the winner rises in victory above his fallen opponent.

Two Lane Bungee Run

Std. Rate $375.00, Birthday Party Style Event Promo Rate $335.00

MONDAY - THUR. Rental Promotion


Interactive Challenge

Size: 32'L x 10'W x 8'H

The Bungee Run Inflatable Game allows two participants to bungee at the same time for Extreme Fun. *Bungee Harnesses Included*

Obstacle Courses

Playtona Speedway

Std. Rate $375.00

Size: 16' W x 26' L x 11' H

(Kiddie Obstacle Course)

This is the ultimate obstacle course for kids that are too small to play on the larger inflatable units. For the 7 - 8 year and under crowd, this inflatable unit is full of obstacles to provide loads of fun. Parents can see their kids as they race from start to finish.

34' Monster Obstacle Course 

Std. Rate $395.00, Birthday Party Style Event Promo Rate $375.00

MONDAY - THUR. Rental Promotion


Single Rush  

Std. Rate $250.00

Obstacle Course

Complete with Crawl Through, Tunnels, Rock Climbs,and more.

One Outer Section Only, makes this one large obstacle courses, approx. 37' x 7'.

Dual Rush 

Std. Rate $450.00, Birthday Party Style Event Promo Rate $425.00

Obstacle Course

Double the obstacles, double the fun! Complete with Crawl Through, Tunnels, Rock Climbs, and more. Are you looking for a challenge and fun for all of your guest, big and small? Both Outer Sections Only, makes this one of the largest obstacle courses out there, approx. 37' x 14'. The two units connect side by side, with the competitors entering from the front, climbing a few feet wall, sliding down a slide, crawling under some obstacles, and exiting out a tunnel on the rear opposite sides. 

Adrenaline Rush II

Std. Rate $675.00, Birthday Party Style Event Promo Rate $645.00

This gigantic inflatable is 3 pieces, 360 degrees, 37′ x 23′ x 14. Competition heats up between two identical 70′ long lanes. Each one containing eleven separate obstacle challenges finishing with a 14 foot slide. The racers start and finish from the same side of the course, entering on opposite ends, and finishing for the big splash down the center.

The finish line is in full view creating excitement for everyone watching. This is a great game for your schools next field day or company picnic. Approx. 120 people can play per hour.

Please note: This course can also be rented as separate sections.

Wet & Dry

Fun Slides

Inflatable Tropical Slide n Splash USA

Std. Rate $255.00

Inflated Dimensions - 8' W x 33' L x 8' H

(Requires a continuous water supply within 50 - 100' and a compatible water hose must be on site.)

Shark Escape

Std. Rate $265.00

15' Wet Slide

Inflated Dimensions - 12'8" W x 22'8" L x 15'6" H

  • Climbing Wall - 10' H

  • Slide - 10' H

  • Capacity

  • Number of Sliders - 2 Riders

  • Weight Capacity - 500 lbs

(Requires a continuous water supply within 50 - 100' and a compatible water hose must be on site.)

Dry 16' Little Giant Slide 

Std. Rate $280.00, Promo Rate $250.00

MONDAY - THUR. Rental Promotion


Wet Slide

Std. Rate $315.00

Single Lane Dry Slide


  • Inflated Measurements - 23' L x 15'6" W x 16' H

  • Capacity

  • Number of Sliders - 1 Rider at a time, & 1 waiting on the stairs.

  • Weight Capacity - 275 lbs

20' Jurassic Experience

Std. Price $700.00, Promo Rate (Please call for smaller backyard events!!! The setup surface must be flat, and there must be a large enough gate opening to drive a vehicle or a large cart or dolly in order to efficently setup this unit!!!) 

Dual Lane Slide


  • Inflated Measurements - 19'6"W x 27'L x 20'H

  • Capacity

  • Number of Sliders - 2 Riders at a time, and 2 coming up the stairs.

  • Weight Capacity - 500 lbs

The impressive double lane slide w/ the huge dinosaur towering over the participants, is sure to give the little ones the thrill, and excitement that they are looking for. This dual dry slide is guaranteed to add tons of excitement and acceleration to any indoor or outdoor event. Great for promoting friendly competition or group challenges, kids can climb together up the center climb between the legs of the dinosaur, and then choose the left- or right-sided slick slide, for a fast-track ride to the cushioned bottom with an extended safety landing.

Hooded safety on top makes sure riders slide down properly. The slide has amazing graphics, that really makes anyone feel like they are in a jungle, but also has the basic colors to fit into almost any theme, and this slide is sure to attract customers for a thrill-filling day, and keep the kids sliding!

All inflatable rental rates are subject to change at management's discretion! Inflatable rental rates on this page are for private events, smaller groups of children primarily birthday parties and family reunions.

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