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Costumed Character

Impersonating Friends

for Appearances, Birthday Parties, Private Events, Corporate Events, and more

At Smiles Family Entertainment LLC we offer a large selection of character impersonators,

and even have more than currently pictured. If you do not see the character that you're looking for,

please don't hesitate to give us a call to inquire about it, because we are constantly expanding our selection,

and add a few new characters monthly.

Smiles Family Entertainment has no affiliation in any way with those who may hold the rights to any characters that we impersonate, and we do all that we can to respect all copyright laws and purchase only generic costumes. Due to trademark laws, we are careful to only use similar looking characters (impersonators), and can not refer to them by any similar trademarked name. Please understand this, and also understand that our character impersonators are referred to as their own unique name, so please pay close attention to the impersonator or generic character name on any related paperwork from our company.

Thank you in advance for your understanding!!!

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