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Cartoon Mascot


We have many mascots to choose from, and some of the best costumes in the Saint Louis Metropolitan area!!! With our extensive collection of mascots and other superhero and princess costumes,

I'm sure that we can find something that will work with your needs.

At Smiles Family Entertainment we clean our costumes to the best of anyone's ability,

and disinfect them after each rental.

All Mascot Costume Rentals Now On Sale $90.00, currently including delivery and pickup

FOR ALL EVENTS WITHIN A 15 MILE RADIUS + a $25.00 refundable deposit!!! All mascot rentals without delivery, $75.00, with an additional $100 - 150.00 refundable deposit.

(Must be within a 15 mile radius for OUR STANDARD DELIVERY AND PICK UP, otherwise a .79/ mile

surcharge will apply to all miles over the 30 miles round trip that are included.)

What Comes With Rental?

  • Mascot Rental Complimentary Information (Hints 'N' Tips for a successful experience)

  • Available Mascot Impersonator or Costume of Choice (unfortunately at this time some of the most popular mascots are not available for rental, such as Turtle Power, Doctor Checkup, Sofia, the Ice Princess, & a few more)

  • Themed Party Music CD

Click on the link below to request rental!!!

Some of our costumes for rent!!!

If you don't see the mascot that you are looking for, please don't hesitate to give us a ring or to send us an email to inquire about it. We have so so much to offer, and even more mascots and costumes than displayed, and constantly adding more on the regular basis!!!



All costume rentals are approved at management's discretion, and will require address verification if any form of payment is chosen other than a major credit card, as well as a copy of the client's valid driver's license or state issued identification!!!

Smiles Family Entertainment has no affiliation in any way with those who may hold the rights to any characters

that we impersonate, and we do all that we can to respect all copyright laws and purchase only generic costumes.

Due to trademark laws, we are careful to only use similar looking characters (impersonators), and can not refer to

them by any similar trademarked name. Please understand this, and also understand that our character impersonators

are referred to as their own unique name, so please pay close attention to the impersonator or generic character name

on any related paperwork from our company.

Thank you in advance for your understanding!!!

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