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Current Job Listings

Party Leaders

Looking for exciting, friendly, party leaders to accompany our costumed characters to private and public events. Job requires the party leader to be 18 or older with a valid drivers license, insurance, and a outgoing personality. The party leader is responsible for escorting the character to primarily private birthday parties, and coordinating games played with character, party leader, and children. Also it is the party leaders responsibility to greet the party, and its host, and make sure the character is staying within character. This job is primarily on the weekends, but can include additional hours, primarily using the required face painting and balloon twisting skills that will you will need if you don't currently have them.

Character Entertainers

Currently looking for enthusiastic, high energy, and kid friendly character entertainers. We are looking for people who are interested in being children's entertainers, which will require you to make appearances inside of a costume, and provide entertainment to children and families. You will be required to walk around, and often pose for pictures, likely inside of a warm costume in extreme heat conditions(will be allowed breaks and ice packs) and will be escorted by a party leader, or host/hostess. This will be a part-time position, and some on call when available, and the starting pay is $25.00 per hour. Our party leaders and characters are responsible for providing high quality service to our clients, which include private birthday parties, appearances and entertainment at family reunions, restaurants, grand openings, childcare facilities, and also some expos and trade shows. We also pay $10 to our employees as referral benefits, payable the week following the customer paying their deposit, and also pay a bonus of $10.00 at the end of the pay week following a customer requesting your services as their entertainer. We are a team here at Smiles Family Entertainment, and believe strongly in that team building, and we will have nothing less than a professional atmosphere. We require all of our employees to have a background check done on them, and after further consideration, we will request for you to have that service performed through one of our approved affiliates. We look forward to working with you. Please contact us by phone or email for any additional information.


Currently looking for entertainers to dress as superheros for children birthday parties, and other events and appearances. The character should be a male, 5'8" - 6'2" at this time, and needs to be able to dress as most superheros. Please contact our office for additional information, or fill out the pre-employment application, and include any questions or comments on it, thanks in advance.


Have your own clown act, good at it, well were looking to work with you. Please contact our office to setup an appointment to talk more about this great opportunity. Thanks in advance.

Face Painters

Looking for experienced face painters to work part time in restaurants, expos, conventions, and other like events. This is a fun job, and the earning potential is great. If you are a good artist or painter, please fill out an employment application, and let us know what it is you do, and we'll get back with you asap.

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