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Party Bus Rental Form

Thank you for filling out rental request form, we look forward to providing a professional and pleasant experience, and hope that our service will leave everyone with Smiles & Memories that last a lifetime. Please understand that by filling out this form, it doesn't guarantee a spot. In order to confirm any event, a contract must be signed in our office, or mailed back to us and your deposit must be paid, or our client can pay their deposit directly via an invoice that can be sent to your email address.

Please note, all dates can only be guaranteed for 2 days, but held for a maximum of 2 Days from the date that the invoice is sent to our clients, requesting the deposit to secure the event!!!

All pickups must be within 15 miles of our office located at 720 Union Blvd, 30 miles round trip, or a small $1.00 per mile surcharge will incur. You can see if you're within that radius by clicking on the link below. If outside of that radius, a surcharge of .79/ mile will be charged, and no promotions are offered or guaranteed. Thank you for your understanding.

Client's Name:

Client's Mailing Address:



Zip Code:

Client's Phone #:

Alternate Phone #: (if available)

Email Address:

Person Responsible DOB:

Date of Event:

Requested Pickup Time:

Number of Hours for Rental:


Pickup Location:

Drop Off Location:


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Please Tell Us Your Furthest Known Destination or Area to Visit While On the Bus:

You understand and agree that if you will be consuming alcohol on the bus, all passengers must be over the age of 21, and are subject to being carded?

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How did you hear about Smiles Party Express and or Smiles Family Entertainment LLC

Important!!! Please read message prior to submitting your form!!!

Please be understanding that although we strive to arrive 10 - 20 minutes prior to the agreed upon pickup time, in some rare cases the driver may arrive at the actual pickup time, and in even more rare cases, likely due to an accident, might be up to 20 minutes behind schedule. Please be sure to mention to us when booking if there is a specific time that a show, event, or reservation is, so that we can put even more of an effort into assuring that we can accommodate! We make every effort to arrive at the requested time, but in the event that the driver is running behind schedule, we will attempt to contact our client by phone 20 - 30 minutes prior to the scheduled pickup time, or as soon as possible, to make you aware of the delay and of the approximate arrival time. Upon the driver arriving, your time will start from that point and any time will be made up, or discounted in the event that the time can't be made up, and if at all possible, 15 - 30 minutes of complimentary time will be added.

Thank you in advance for your business and for your understanding!!!

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