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Smiles Party Express

Party & Limo Bus Rental

Please scroll down the entire page for all rates!!!

Smiles Family Entertainment LLC and Smiles Party Express are now introducing

our new 15 passenger Limousine Style Mini Shuttle Bus.

This is not the typical mini shuttle bus that you see riding around in the

St. Louis area. Designed with an interior look of Luxury, but with a durable

indoor outdoor carpeted flooring, instead of the rubber flooring that you find

in most shuttle buses, this bus also comes loaded with a mini refrigerator/freeze,

a wall bar, built in roll out cooler, and more.

This bus is great for Children's Birthday Parties, Proms, Weddings, Bachelorette and Bachelor Parties, Night Outs, Business & Corporate Events, Winery Tours, Other Special Occasions, and more.

  • Luxury Limo Seating for 15 - 17 passengers (adjust according to your comfort level, and desired individual space)

  • Black/Red Perimeter leather seating

  • Laser Lights (Lights Dance to the Music)

  • Mirrored Ceiling

  • Carpeted Floors

  • Built in Wall Bar

  • Ice Bucket w/ Color Changing Light

  • Built in 4.5 cu ft mini fridge & freezer

  • Built in Roll Out Cooler

  • 16+ Cup Holders

  • (1) 42" LCD TV

  • DVD Player

  • Surround Sound w/CD, DVD, iPod, & MP3 capabilities

  • DVD / Visual Slide Show can be played while iPOD or Aux music is still playing

Super Sale!!!

4 Hr- Rental $325.00- Friday's after 6 PM

6 Hr- Rental $475.00

4 Hr- Rental $425.00- Saturday Days

6 Hr- Rental $575.00

4 Hr- Rental $350.00- Saturday Nights (after 8 PM)

6 Hr- Rental $500.00

4 Hr- Rental $375.00- Sunday Days

6 Hr- Rental $525.00

4 Hr- Rental $295.00- Sunday Nights (after 7 PM)

6 Hr- Rental $445.00

Event must take place by April 28, 2019, otherwise please feel free to inquire about other potential promotions. Prices don't include gratuity, which we encourage you to give it to your driver if you had

a good experience, but we do not currently force it on our clients.

Includes complimentary ice, napkins, cups, bottles of water in the refrigerator,

our complimentary Juice and Soda Bar for those that need it for drink mixing or

just for drinking, and over 200 music videos to play on the 42" TV!

Standard Rental Rates

Includes the following, in addition to what comes with the bus from above:

  • Ice for Built in Cooler and Ice Bucket

  • Napkins

  • Cups

  • Complimentary Juice & Soda Bar (while supplies last)

  • Complimentary Bottles of Water 

Here at Smiles Family Entertainment LLC and Smiles Party Express, we don't charge additional fees for fuel, the number of stops, or total mileage, as long as your experience is within our normal service area. When we arrive to pick up our client and their guest, your time starts 5 minutes after we arrive, and ends when we arrive back at your drop off location. Gratuity is never included or forced upon our clients, but it is always encouraged to show your appreciation for great service, and is well appreciated by your chauffeur!!!

Smoking ISN'T permitted on Smiles Party Express and Smiles Family Entertainment LLC party buses,

in order to preserve the quality of the buses that we are currently able to offer to our client's.

Your chauffeur will be more than happy to stop as many times as you like for a smoke break or

restroom break, at our client's request. We feel that each of our clients deserve the very best,

and we have decided that in order to guarantee that, it is necessary to take all measures to insure

that our buses are the nicest possible. 

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